Just Arrived!
The New Trend Range.
Modern quality oak range.
Factory built.
Full Range available all at affordable prices!

Why buy Chipboard when you can have wood for less.

Solid oak dining range.

All at unbeatable Prices!

The Oakley Range.            

Sizes: W132cm/extends to 192cm X D90cm x H78cm. Table and 4 chairs at £749.99.  Available with 6 chairs.

 Sizes:W139 X D43 X H83.

Large display unit sizes W155CM X D45CM X H200CM £949.99


 Sizes:W155 X D45 X 90CM.


 Sizes: 150cm round x H78cm.

Sizes:W110/EXT155cm X D80cm.

 Sizes: W240cm ext to 330cm X D95cm x H78cm.

 Sizes L180CM/230CM Extended x D90cm x H78cm.

 Sizes:W100 X D45 X H50CM 

 Sizes:W100 X D50 X H60CM.

 Sizes:W120 x D70 X H45CM.

 Sizes:W100 x D60 x H45.


 Sizes:Large W50X D40 X H50CM

     Small  W32X D32X H40cm       



  Small/W33 x D26 X H34CM 

 Sizes:W85 X D35 X 80CM 

 Sizes:W105CM X D40 X H85CM.


 Sizes:W110 x D45 X 90CM.

Sizes:W200 X D45 X H100Cm.

 Sizes:W150 X D40 X H85CM .

 Corner Unit sizes w90xd52xh80cm


 Sizes:W80 X D35 X H180CM.

 Sizes:W100 X D30 X H180CM.       

 Sizes:W75 X D30 X H180CM .

 Side Table-------Lamp Table.



 Sizes:W90 X D30 X H90CM.



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